Sea Section

Sea Section is a 4-piece Romanian Indie, art-rock band from Piatra-Neamț, Romania. The band formed in 2018 from a collection of long-haired softies who met at a local pub and who all just couldn’t get enough Radiohead, Dot Hacker and John Frusciante.

Their unique brand of entertainment fuses, whenever possible, a lot of reverb and non-sense cringe lyrics with shy dances and random speeches that will make you want to float away on a dream cloud. Now hailed as “Their style could be defined as an experimental alternative, but I feel that it is not clear enough. It is a kind of pure adolescent experience gone through the rebellious sadness of grunge, ennobled with the mastery of art-rock and imbued here and there with post-rock, ambient and space rock. Armand’s voice takes me somewhere in the constellation Cobain, Bellamy, Molko. I hope this comparison doesn’t hang too heavily on his shoulders.” – Răzvan Patachi, CriticEyez.