Baba Dochia

Baba Dochia are hailing from Cluj-Napoca, Transylvania/Romania. The band is playing electronic music mixed with rock music. Their style is full of synthetic and organic beats, heavy guitar riffs, flavored with the aggressiveness of live drums. If at the beginning they compositions were pure post-rock, their actual style has become a more organic mix of electronica and rock with glitch and psychedelic elements. 

The combination of synthesizers, drum machines (and live drums), distorted guitars, have made them one of the most original bands in Romanian alternative scene. 

Their main influences are from Death in Vegas, Trentemoller, Apparat, Amon Tobin, Boards of Canada but especially from Team Sleep, the project’s main catalyst. 

Baba Dochia played at some of the biggest music festivals in Romania (Untold, Afterhills, TimeShift, Peninsula/Félsziget Festival and many more), one festival in India and some indoor venues in Germany.

“These guys set the bar up a bit higher for all other Romanian bands, in terms of vision, what they create and (very important) how they perform.”” (Delahaze FM)  

“Baba Dochia rules! These guys are mixing electronica with rock music and the result is great!” (Vice Romania)