Alternativ Quartet

One of the earliest Romanian bands to delve in post rock compositions and engage in fragile sound experiments, Alternativ Quartet was formed in the late 2000s in Cluj-Napoca and has since released several albums which follow their ongoing development as musicians and lyricists.

Alongside bands such as Fluturi pe Asfalt and The: Egocentrics, Alternativ Quartet ventured to add a new layer to the Romanian underground musical scene, where echoes of post rock and post metal began to appear. From unique sounding vocal interpretations on songs like “Moscova” to Sigur Rós inspired compositions like “Nu uita că te aștept” and “Când nu cânt” the band managed to reformulate the music they much admired and to express it in a personal voice. Almost always grounded in their surrounding cultural ethos, they tried to mix the then existing wave of post rock bands, ranging from Mogwai to Isis, with traditional Romanian or eastern harmonies as can be heard on songs like “Apocnis vitro” and the great part of their second album “Aripi”.

Their later metamorphosis into the alias Iglu, under which they released the more personal album “Stasis”, marked a moment of revival after a long hiatus, an even more cinematic album which expresses the tension between an intimate closeness and an abandoned distance.

It is however only the year 2022 which brings forth two new albums of the band, after years of intense work, which try to open a brand-new chapter in their discography and lives.